“Heading for the semifinals”

Yokohama Marinos has beaten Borussia 1:0 and takes an intermediate second place in the group. The midfielder of the Japanese team Okaga Shoto, who became the best player of the match, is confident that his team will play in the semifinals.

“The best tournament which I participated in”

FC Dinamo lost 0-2 in the first half of the match the second game in a row. But today Dinamo won Zhejiang Greentown with the score 3:2. Ilya Kazakov, left defender of Dinamo, shared his emotions with us after the victory.

“We deserved this victory”

In a bitter struggle Inter won Astana with the score 2:0. Liserani Michele, the central midfielder of the Italian team, told about the match.

Opening match: “Teams have no time to relax”

After the Grand opening match between Barcelona and Lokomotiv, which ended 4:0 in favor of the guests of the tournament, the head coach of Barcelona Serra Gregori Marc shared his impressions of the first game at the UTLC Cup tournament