UTLC CUP – международный футбольный и хоккейный турниры

“Heading for the semifinals”

UTLC Cup 2019

Yokohama Marinos has beaten Borussia 1:0 and takes an intermediate second place in the group.
The midfielder of the Japanese team Okaga Shoto, who became the best player of the match, is confident that his team will play in the semifinals.

“Today we were able to defeat a very strong opponent – Borussia Dortmund. Now I am even more confident that my team will play in the semifinals” – the young football player admitted.

– You were marked today as the best player of the match. Are you glad that you got such a prestigious award?
– Sure, I’m very glad. But I couldn’t have done anything without my team.

– I’m sure your parents are very proud of you, aren’t they?
– Yes, they are very proud. They watch live broadcasts of each match on Youtube and follow Instagram @utlccup. They’re very proud of me.

UTLC Cup 2019