UTLC CUP – международный футбольный и хоккейный турниры

Opening match: “Teams have no time to relax”

UTLC Cup 2019

After the Grand opening match between Barcelona and Lokomotiv, which ended 4:0 in favor of the guests of the tournament, the head coach of Barcelona Serra Gregori Marc shared his impressions of the first game at the UTLC Cup tournament, in which young players of the famous club participate for the first time.

– How can you evaluate Barcelona’s first match?
– It was a very good match, to be honest, I’m happy. Well done guys, but no time to relax ahead of serious rivals.

– Since the conversation turned to the rivals, what can you say about the participants of the UTLC Cup 2019?

– The opponents are certainly strong… Lokomotiv, Borussia, Inter, CSKA and other teams. Everyone is determined to win. But we are determined too! It’s not in Barcelona’s rules to lose.

– Young players of Barcelona came to Moscow for the first time as well as they participate in UTLC Cup for the first time. What are your expectations from the tournament?
– I have only the most pleasant expectations! We are very grateful to the organizers of UTLC Cup for the creation of a real youth football holiday, for the opportunity for young players of Barcelona to play in Moscow and share their experience with other football clubs.

– Finally, what would you like to wish players of Barcelona and other teams?
– Let the best team win! And I wish guys from Barcelona to show the maximum they are capable of.