UTLC CUP – международный футбольный и хоккейный турниры

“The best tournament which I participated in”

UTLC Cup 2019

FC Dinamo lost 0-2 in the first half of the match the second game in a row. But today Dinamo won Zhejiang Greentown with the score 3:2. Ilya Kazakov, left defender of Dinamo, shared his emotions with us after the victory.

– Why did Dinamo lose in the first half of the match and then recouped in the second part?
– We started the first half badly… our opponents were very strong. But today we were able to come together and show what we are capable of. I am very glad that we won.

– Today is the second day of UTLC Cup, what are your impressions of the tournament?
– This is the best tournament which I participated in! The place, the atmosphere, and what is most important – very strong competitors.

– Since we are talking about the opponents, who would you like to play with the most?
– With Barcelona, of course.

– Your team will have to play against Barcelona very soon. Are you a little bit afraid of such a strong opponent?
– No, because I support Real Madrid!

– Finally, what would you like to wish all the participants of the tournament?
– I wish Dinamo to have more victories and all the participants to have less injures.

UTLC Cup 2019