UTLC CUP – международный футбольный и хоккейный турниры

“We will prove ourselves on the field”

UTLC Cup 2019

CSKA won 3:2 against Inter and pleased the fans today. The central defender of the Moscow team Abdulkadyrov Dzhamalutdin told us what helped them to win.

“In the first half of the game we played not confidently enough… But during the break our coach told us right words which made us be ready to win” – the young player admitted.

– After today’s victory over a strong opponent do you think CSKA will be able to play in the semifinals?
– Yes, it can, I’m sure. We believe in our strength and will prove ourselves on the field.

– Do your parents support you and CSKA?
– Sure! They aren’t at the stadium, but they watch live broadcasts of each match on Youtube, follow Instagram account of the UTLC Cup.

– To sum up, what would you wish to your team?
– Continue playing confidently starting from the first minute till the last one of each game.

UTLC Cup 2019